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Allen Phillips

Allen is currently the President and Chief investment officer of Phillips Private Wealth Management, founded in 2018. Allen’s experience is in asset management, developing personalized investment portfolios within the context of an overall financial plan, and credit management in conjunction with retirement. Allen graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2000 with a degree in Bachelor Business Administration in Finance. He has held positions at both Bank of America and Wells Fargo Private Bank as Vice President of Investments and has assisted in training and mentoring other advisors at both firms throughout the country. He has also been the managing partner of two additional locally owned financial planning groups.


Allen is a lifelong resident of Brunswick, Georgia. His wife, Arien, is a Special Needs Teacher in the Glynn County school system and they have one child. Allen is currently a member of the Exchange Club of Brunswick. He is also a member of several Coastal Conservation Groups. In his spare time like most local residents he enjoys hunting, fishing, and attempting to play golf.


“I get a real charge out of helping people. I get even more charged when people tell me how great the experience has been. Aside from spending time with my family, nothing is more exciting, energizing and fulfilling than building my business. I love my industry.” This leads to his core purpose as a Financial consultant: I am driven every moment of everyday, to be the best in the business. What does it mean to be the best? For Allen, it means having a burning desire to talk with clients every day, to educate, inspire, and ultimately help them. It means consistently striving to be better and do better. It means doing what’s right and making that the soul of what you do. You’ll win much more than you’ll lose. It means critical thinking and being unafraid to say what is in the best interest of the client. For these clients, Allen prepares customized financial plans at a level of detail – focusing on the biggest threat to Americans, taxes – that other planners simply won’t. Its his way of pursuing his vision: To be regarded by Advisors, professionals, and clients as the best financial planning organization in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida, synonymous with the highest levels of quality, respect and influence.

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Hunter is currently a Financial Consultant at Phillips Private Wealth Management. Hunter graduated from The University of Georgia in 2021 with a degree in Bachelor Business Administration in Real Estate. While in college, Hunter worked as an acquisition analyst for various hedge funds that were acquiring rental properties. Along with work, he set up an internship program through the college and trained fellow students to provide experience in analytics. Once graduated, Hunter moved to the Battery in Atlanta to enjoy Atlanta Braves games while continuing to work with the various hedge funds. In September 2023, he moved back to his hometown.


Hunter is a lifelong resident of Saint Simons Island, Georgia. He is still dating his high school sweetheart, Addison. They recently added a member to the family in an English Cocker Spaniel, named Duke. Hunter is currently a member of the Exchange Club of Brunswick and the Brunswick County Club. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing, and playing golf.


It is Hunter’s mission to help clients create a path to secure a financial future that they are striving for. His focus is on providing tailored advice to individuals, families, and small business owners regarding investments, retirement planning, and taxation. He prides himself on being readily accessible to his clients. He is dedicated to helping his clients pursue financial goals while helping them along the way.

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